Recent Testimonials to Amanda’s Work

Jay Harman, CEO PAX Scientific:

“Dear Amanda,
Thank you so much for your help in clearing obstacles to our growth. Your ability to open doors to deeper insight and a larger vision has been quite remarkable.

I can recommend you to anyone aspiring to reach greater height in their objectives.”

Henry T., Successful Entrepreneur:

“I want to thank Amanda for the way she has helped open my eyes around managing internal upper-level staff (in a bullying situation).

I realise now that I kept things too soft and allowed interpersonal relationship issues to continue unaddressed.

Amanda has been instrumental in my understanding the dynamics in our team and managing these for a positive outcome for all its members.”

Tracey, Senior Bus Dev Manager:

“I came to Amanda to work on a specific issue about business development and a roadblock I had in putting myself out there. I knew what I had to do in theory but got caught up in procrastination and fear.

Amanda has provided tools and crucial support to help me break through these internal barriers and enable me to achieve much more than I had thought possible.”

Jonathan, CEO of a Not-for-Profit:

“Amanda has helped me understand how my management style wasn’t helping me create the most consistent and smooth working environment. She has amazed me by her ability to help me implement strategies to create continuity and stability.

We had a deep issue in our management culture that I was missing entirely and I am very grateful for how Amanda has helped me understand how to address that – from the top down to see how I can contribute to a new culture; and from the bottom up by allowing feedback mechanisms so I learn about my team.”